La Spezia… the cradle of the radio

Guglielmo Marconi is universally renowned as “the father of the radio”.

The great inventor (Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909) gave the world the most powerful system of distance communication in the history of mankind by integrating the work of Maxwell and Hertz with brilliant ideas. This system, in continuous evolution and constantly improving its performances thanks to modern technology, is proving, now more than ever, its extraordinary potential.

Guglielmo Marconi gave the Royal Italian Navy a practical demonstration of wireless telegraphy, in July 1897, for the first time in Italy, in La Spezia. The Italian Navy, thanks to the work of Marconi and a lot of precious officials, scientists and technicians, contributed decisively to develop and improve that great invention.

The evidence of this “epos” is preserved in the “Teca Marconi” of the Maritime Museum of the City of La Spezia, which can be considered as the “cradle” of the radio in Italy with full rights.

From there a process started which has lasted longer than one century and which has seen the Gulf of La Spezia, the city and the Arsenal as protagonists at major events, milestones on the way to the evolution of wireless communications.