Guglielmo Marconi's scientific activity in La Spezia.

Guglielmo Marconi achieves his first positive results in the transmission of signals by means of electric waves at villa Griffone, village of Pontecchio, near Bologna.

When he is twenty, he moves to England, where he continues his experiments.

In June 1897 Marconi comes back to Italy on invitation of the Navy, which puts men and means at the young scientist's disposal.

Marconi after a stay in Rome, where he makes experiences in front of prominent politicians and scientists, moves to La Spezia. In La Spezia he performs memorable experiments that with their positive outcome mark the beginning of naval radiotelegraphy.

The tests start with demonstrative transmissions and receptions carried out on 10,11,12,13 July 1897 from the mainland station. The receiver is placed in the entry yard of the Arsenal where the building of the Headquarters ( now "Piazzale ammiraglio C. Bergamini") was, that will later be destroyed in 1944.

Between 17 and 18 July the receiving station is installed on H.M.S San Martino: the signals are received up to 16 km distance from the transmitter. In these days, the possibility of receiving by means of machinery placed either on deck or inside the iron parts of the ship, which was doubted by the scientific community, is also proven.

After these experiments, the Navy starts an intensive research activity in the field of long distance's communications, keeping in closing touch with Marconi. They culminate in the voyage of the cruiser "Carlo Alberto", which leaving from La Spezia on 30 of September 1902, is able to send its messages up to 3800 km distance.

Guglielmo Marconi was born in Bologna on 25 April 1874 and died on 20 July 1937. He was appointed Senator in 1915. During the first world war, he was called up to arms with the rank of engineer corps lieutenant. In 1916 he joined the Navy and he was appointed reserve captain of corvette. In 1920 he was promoted frigate commander. In 1932 he became reserve Seacaptain and in 1936 he was promoted Admiral.